Our Vision


To inspire life transformation through pursuing God, embracing community, passionately worshiping and joyfully serving.

MISSION 316 CHURCH exists to inspire life transformation through Jesus.  As people come into relationship with Christ, several things will happen:

Pursuit of God

Once we accept that God has created us for divine destiny, we can experience transformation through the saving power of Christ and the cross. Once changed, we begin a great adventure of pursuing God through His word and Spirit.

Passion Worship

Every day becomes an act of worship to God and regularly we come to commune together, experience teaching, give generously and passionately return our love to God.

Authentic Community

No one stands alone.  By embracing community and being part of the body of Christ, we can be accountable to each other, and support one another in growing in Christ through group fellowship.

Spiritual Promptings

Spirit led acts of service cause followers to invest in the lives of others through simple and loving works of compassion.  Everyone is encouraged to ask God what He wants them to do each day and then just do it.