M316 Groups!


Nobody stands alone! That describes how we want to do life at MISSION 316 CHURCH.  Part of our mission is to build the kind of relationships that help us grow together as a community which meets each other’s needs.

A M316 Group is a group of people who meet together to accomplish three goals for one purpose, comprised of six people or more. What are the three purposes of a M316 Group?



Each M316 Group meets to accomplish these purposes:


  1. 1) Fellowship and support.  As we meet together with other believers, we are able to support each other in our lives and know that there are others who know our story and care about us.  Getting together helps everyone to keep focused on living for Christ. Knowing others are praying for us encourages us along the way.
  2. 2) Study and service.  Growing in God’s word is essential to our spiritual development.  Each M316 Group studies scripture together in order to mutually share insights and allow God to work in our hearts through His Word.
  3. 3) Outreach and the Empty Chair.  We know that it’s not about us.  With M316 groups throughout the community, we can invite others to start to develop friendships with others, explore their faith and grow spiritually.  The “empty chair” represents the desire of a group to always be ready to reach out to the next person God is calling.



The one purpose of a M316 Group is as follows:


M316 Groups exist to connect people to God and each other through support, service, and study of God’s Word – in the contexts of relationships.



The members of a M316 Group:


The church grows larger only as it grows smaller.  About six people and a leader is an ideal size for a M316 group because everyone gets the opportunity to share and be an active participant.



M316 Groups will be forming upon the launch of MISSION 316 CHURCH and anyone interested in being a part of new group should contact us!