Serving in MISSION 316


Serving others is a part of the Christ-like life.  Jesus said "For the Son of Man Himself has not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life to set many others free." (Mark 10:45)


Serving is a part of the basic culture at M316 Church.  Recognizing that the One we follow underscored servanthood as real leadership, every follower of Jesus is challenged to watch for opportunity to “do goodand make a difference in situations around them.  We are, in essence, “saved to serve”.

Exciting things happen when we open our eyes to the opportunity to help lend a hand, brighten a day, give a lift and be the hands and feet of Jesus in a dreary world.

There are many ways to serve at M316 Church. Some as simple as ministering in the love of Jesus to kids, participating in worship experiences, helping in practical ministry tasks, and helping others get started in God’s family.

In a specific sense, each one in the fellowship is encouraged to respond to spiritual promptings from God and to act on these promptings in their lives. When we get involved in helping others “catch a break” God shows up in powerful ways to transform lives. Together, we can fulfill the mission of Jesus in our world.