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MISSION 316 CHURCH is currently building a team of key people to help launch the work.

In order to begin the adventure of new church work, it takes a group of people with a pioneering spirit who enjoy starting new things, are open to spiritual leadings and can get excited about seeing something great happen for God.  We are praying for 50-75 people who are called by God to be part of the MISSION 316 story.

There are several things you can expect if you join the team:

Expect to pray for others. We need as many people praying for God’s direction and favor on the new work of transforming lives in North County.  You will receive requests from M316 that you can add to your prayer list.

 Expect to get involved in a specific ministry.  If everyone uses their gifts and callings, the work will succeed.  Plan on finding your place in the startup ministry as we approach the launch.

Expect opportunity.   We will be communicating opportunities to get involved.  If you feel led to be a part, come to our prelaunch meetings and events.  If you are not from San Diego, but would like to be part of a new church plant, we welcome discussions of relocating to the area in order to help plant M316.  Mission trips to here can help us show you what’s happening and allow you to be a part.

Expect to help contribute to the formation of MISSION 316.  We need everyone to help support the work if it is to be a healthy church plant.  One time and reoccurring contributions will help us prepare to reach lost people.  We have filed for our 501c3 nonprofit status and are able to receive donations.  You get to be part of expanding the kingdom of God and seeing lives reconciled with God.  Other types of donations such as stocks, bonds, property or vehicles are welcomed as well.

(Churches are encouraged to be partners in helping MISSION 316 CHURCH get started as well).

Gifts can be given online at MissionMinistriesofSanDiego.com or you can mail them to Mission 316 Church, P.O. Box 668, San Marcos, CA 92079.

If you would like to know more about becoming a part of the Launch Team or making a contribution to reach North County for Christ, please contact Doreen or Sam with the email link below.